My experience at Oklahoma City OK Tax Office – Disappointed tax payer

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Disappointed tax payer

Your Experience: I called all the phone numbers available for the okc, OK local office, 297-4057 a recording comes on that says “sorry 30079 oklahoma is not available”, so why do you have it on the website if the number is not available? The other number 297-4055 – has a pre-recorded message that does not give you the option to talk to anyone. There was no option to press “0” to talk with a representative. Whatever happened to customer service? You have a simple question to ask and there is no one to ask. The does not offer an answer to my question. So now I have to drive to the local office. While I understand there are numerous calls that the office takes in… it still would be nice to be able to talk to a human being.

I also called the 800 number they said that the wait was 30 – 60 min. I waited 30 minutes only to be disconnected. I called a second time and was disconnected after 15 minutes. Just shaking my head in disappointment with my overall experience. Any privately run business would never treat a customer in this manner… You are the IRS and I guess this is just how you run the public business…

Oh by the way, when you receive a call from the IRS, which I know is a scam the IRS does not call you, but when you call the number back, they answer immediately… The scammers are running a private business scamming people and they deliver excellent response times masquerading as the IRS; Just hoping that the real IRS would do the same.

Your Tax Office City: oklahoma city

Your Tax Office State: OK

Your Wait Time: 0

Time: November 17, 2015 at 10:34 am

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