My experience at Fargo ND Tax Office – anonymous

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): anonymous

Your Experience: Not one person in front of me got called back while I waited, there were 7, I only had a short time away from work, so I drove downtown, parked, walked in rain. I saw absolutely no worker at all, never knew what number they were even on, and it appeared that only 1 person was working. I would do my transcript online however the IRS made a mistake when they put my address in last year and I cannot verify myself on the phone menu or online. I need to see someone In person and I’m so upset this is my time wasted by your mistake .I called yesterday and was on hold 58 minutes before I hung up. TOday, I left in tears when I ran out of time again. THis is just Ludacris.It it impossible to speak to a human on the phone or in person. My tax dollars at work…..yay.

Your Tax Office City: Fargo

Your Tax Office State: ND

Your Wait Time: 25 min

Time: November 17, 2015 at 12:34 pm

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