My experience at West Nyack NY Tax Office – Elliot

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Elliot Henson
Your Experience: I just wanted to mention that I had a phone appointment with Mr. Heverin this past Saturday, May 9 to address my request to file and suspend. I would just like to say that this gentleman was extremely knowledgeable, cordial and made all the information very clear. I just wanted to send a note of appreciation to him for all his help. My wife was also involved in the phone call as it was a file and suspend and she agrees with me with regards to the professionalism of this individual.
Please convey this note to both him and his office manager. Thank you
Your Tax Office City: West Nyack
Your Tax Office State: New York
Your Wait Time: N/A

Time: May 11, 2015 at 2:54 pm

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