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There is NO WAY I owe 1000’s of dollars in taxes, I was paying for college.

Q) I think it was last year, I drove to Wilmington and tried to fix my “taxes owed” for 2012, 2013 and 2014. I knew there was NO way I owed the state because I was in college all three years and had 3 sons living at home. I emailed the stuff that the man asked for, but it only corrected 2012. I would like someone to take a look and see if he applied my credits for my sons back to the other 2 years, and to see what may have still not applied because now they are taking it out of our pay. There is NO WAY I owe 1000’s of dollars in taxes when I only worked part time for one of those years, and I was paying for college out of pocket in 2014/2015. I know for a fact that we also give over 10% of our money to charities (our church) each year. Just this year we gave over $11,000 to our church and we have always given large sums to the church. Please help me! I feel like we’ve always given so much of our money and time to the work of God and now we are getting even more taken from us.

A) Please consult with a local tax account for advise. You will need to provide the evidence needed to support your case.

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