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My bank won’t cash my return because my husband is (Deceased)

Q) My tax refund direct deposit was denied because they couldn’t find an account number to match and I received a paper check paid to the order of my deceased husband & myself. My bank won’t cash it unless I receive another check from the government stating paid to the order of my husband (Deceased) & myself so the check can be signed. How to I get my payment? What do I do with the paper check? My checking account no longer has my husband listed on it was the problem I think. I suspect my Federal return will have the same problem. What do I do next??? Thank you.

A) You will need to inform the IRS that your husband is deceased and returned the check to the IRS for a determination as to whether, the payment is due and to whom it should be made as your husband is now deceased. Please call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 for assistance.

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  1. What kind of insanity is it that the only tax office in San Diego is essentially located on an island with no dock?

    Who could possibly think that combining both federal tax agency with Immigration and not provide sufficient parking was a good idea?

    Did the planners fail first grade math? How could they not count how many people would be working and using services in the building and provide accessible parking?

    To compound their planning disaster, they put in a single security check point. It is rather like building a bathroom with the only access being a tiny dog door.

    The IRS should open some satellite branches people can actually access.

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