Alaska Tax Office Phone Numbers

Anchorage Tax Office Juneau Tax Office
550 W 7th Ave Ste 500 333 W Willoughby Ave 11 Fl Side B
Anchorage Ak 99501-3555 PO Box 110420
Voice: 907.269.6620 Juneau Ak 99811-0420
Fax: 907.269.6644 Voice: 907.465.2320
Fax: 907.465.2375

Administration    Phone
Director – Anchorage 907-269-1033
Deputy Director- Anchorage 907-269-6628
Chief Economist- Anchorage 907-269-8902
Chief of Operations- Juneau 907-465-4773 *


Alaska Tax Office Programs
Alcoholic Beverages Tax (Licensing & Bonding) 907-269-1012
Alcoholic Beverages Tax (Technical Questions) 907-269-8590
Alcoholic Beverages Tax (Filing & Processing) 907-269-1012
Appeals 907-269-6640
Audit (Income) 907-269-6634
Audit (Excise) 907-269-6736
Audit (Fisheries Business) 907-465-3695 *
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (Licensing & Bonding) 907-269-6924
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (Filing & Processing) 907-269-6924
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (Technical Questions) 907-269-3952
Internet Cigarette Sales (General) 907-269-3952
Internet Cigarette Sales (Filing & Processing) 907-269-3952
Commercial Passenger Vessel Excise Tax (Filing & Processing) 907-269-1012
Commercial Passenger Vessel Excise Tax (Technical Questions) 907-269-1023
Large Passenger Vessel Gambling Tax (Technical Questions) 907-269-1018
Large Passenger Vessel Gambling Tax (Filing & Processing) 907-269-1018
Corporation Income Tax (Filing & Processing) 907-465-3153 *
Estate Tax (Processing) 907-465-3694 *
Fisheries Business 907-465-2371 *
Estate Tax (Technical) 907-269-6632
Gaming- Juneau Inquiries 907-465-2320 *
Gaming- Anchorage Inquiries Anchorage Front Desk 907-269-6620
Mining License Tax (Filing, Licensing & Processing) 907-269-1017
Mining License Tax (Technical Questions) 907-269-1023
Motor Fuel Tax (Qualified Dealer License & Bonding) 907-269-0041
Motor Fuel Tax (Technical Questions) 907-269-3952
Motor Fuel Tax (Filing & Processing) 907-269-0041
Other Tax/ Regulatory Programs (Processing) 907-465-3776 *
Oil & Gas Production Tax (Audit) 907-269-1015
Oil and Gas Production Tax (Credits) 907-269-6642
Oil & Gas Production Tax (Processing) 907-269-1037
Property Tax (Oil and Gas) 907-269-1029
Regulatory Cost Charges 907-465-3776 *
Tire Fee (Filing & Processing) 907-269-1012
Tire Fee (Technical Questions) 907-269-3979
Vehicle Rental Tax (Filing & Processing) 907-269-1017
Vehicle Rental Tax (Technical Questions) 907-269-1023


Alaska Tax Office Services
Collections 907-465-3691 *
Investigations Receptionist 907-465-2320
Shared Taxes 907-465-3776 *
Online Tax Information System (OTIS) OTIS Help Desk 907-465-6454 *
Web Author 907-465-2387 *
OTIS Technical Help Desk OTIS Help Desk 907-465-6454 *
  • I would like to report company have 12 employees, but they don’t do w2 or federal tax
    Q) I would like to report a company that have 12 employee but they don’t do w2 or federal tax withdraw or state tax they just pay cash for employee last year the owner they made almost 2 million dollars but they don’t show income tax a lot they rent the atm machines put inside the salon for customer withdraw […]
  • I received a letter 5775 and I want to know what is it about it says it’s not an audit.
    A) Letter 5775 is a notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that your tax return has been selected for a review. The letter does not mean that you are being audited, but it does mean that the IRS will be looking at your return more closely. The IRS uses a computer program to select tax returns for review. The […]
  • how much interest income for a single individual can have before it is taxed.
    A) The amount of interest income a single individual can have before it is taxed depends on several factors, including the individual’s tax filing status, their total taxable income, and the type of interest income earned. For tax year 2022, if you’re a single filer, under 65 years of age and your total taxable income is less than $12,950, you […]
  • I need to cancel my 11:30 appointment at the 300 E. Joppa Rd. office
    Q) I need to cancel my 11:30 appointment at the 300 E. Joppa Rd. office for Wednesday March 22.Calling to cancel is impossible. A) If calling to cancel your appointment is impossible, you may need to try alternative methods to cancel your appointment at the 300 E. Joppa Rd. office for Wednesday, March 22. Here are some options you can […]
  • Is social security taxed in Indiana?
    A) Social Security benefits are generally not taxed in Indiana. Indiana is one of the few states that do not tax Social Security benefits. However, other types of retirement income may be subject to state taxes in Indiana, such as pension income, 401(k) withdrawals, and IRA distributions. It is always recommended to consult with a tax professional or use tax […]

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