Did only certain N,Y, State residents receive a check in 2023 to help with their taxes?

A) In 2023, there were actually two separate programs in New York State that distributed one-time payments to residents, but neither was specifically intended to “help with their taxes.” These programs were:

1. 2022-2023 New York State Tax Relief Credit: This was a refundable tax credit applied to your 2022 New York State income tax return, not a separate check. It benefited eligible taxpayers with incomes below a certain threshold.

2. Enhanced STAR Exemption Checks: This program provided checks to qualifying homeowners who met age and income requirements. It was not directly related to taxes, but could potentially affect the amount of property taxes owed in the future.

Eligibility for both programs was not based on specific geographical areas within New York State. Instead, it depended on income, age, and property ownership criteria. You can find more information about each program and their eligibility requirements here:

Additionally, some other states outside of New York issued stimulus checks or rebate payments in 2023. So, if you’re wondering about other locations, it’s best to search for information specific to that state.

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