My experience at Grand Rapids MI Tax Office – Mclaughlin

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): B Mclaughlin
Your Experience: I traveled there having had no reply to numerous emails(still no response by the way!). I traveled 3 hours and believed there was a walk in I was awaiting 1.30 pm opening with several other folks. We were greeted with contempt and passive aggression. The guy opened the door and stated ‘who has an appointment’
Very unfriendly. I spoke to the manager about organism a TIN and it was ‘too difficult’ and they are ‘short staffed’
He just dod not care or want to know. I am a director of a large business and it was actually shocking to be greeted with this poor attitude. I would fire someone like that. He did not care that we had travelled hours and was patronising

Very disappointed and shocked at Grand Rapids treatment, They should not be allowed to serve IRS

Your Tax Office City: Grand Rapids
Your Tax Office State: Mi
Your Wait Time: napp

Time: May 28, 2015 at 11:59 am

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