I won $1,358 online in May of 2017. To this day no check sent. They sent me a 2017 1099-misc. Please advise me.

Q) I won $1,358 online at a bingo site back in May of 2017. They zeroed out my account to process the winnings in mid June 2017 but to this date they still have not sent out the check or paid me. they sent me a 2017 1099-misc. I have repeatedly emailed them that they need to get it voided as they did not pay that out in 2017 and if they are not paying it until 2018 they need to wait and send a 1099-misc. in 2018. I’d like to get my taxes done but cannot get this corrected. they are about a year behind in paying Grand prize winners and they average about 5-10 per month so this will be effecting a lot of people. Please advise me how to handle this. the site is Rockyou.inc PAYER #20-4093260

A) It is very important that you consult a professional tax account and file a delay on your $1,358 income, as the IRS would require you to pay taxes on the income stated on your 2017 1099-misc.

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