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I need an appointment to get a replacement ss card.

I need an appointment to get a replacement ss card. I cannot call or go online because it keeps telling me my phone number is invalid. I have lived here since March 5,2020. I cannot get my drivers license for Colorado, because your office says closed until further notice. How can I drive legally with a Texas licence, because your mail response returned all my documentation demanding I send in my Texas drivers licence? Your policies make no sense! My mom passed July 1st. I have to get my 2 vehicles registered. I can’t do that until I get a colorado license. I need registration, inspection, and colorado handicap plates. I sm very cripple from 4 car wrecks not my fault, they had no insurance every time in Texas and no attorney will take cases if their driving with no insurance costing me mega money for medical bills & fixing vehicles. I’m having to pay more costly vehicle insurance from Texas because I can’t get anything done here in pueblo. I call this a complete failure on Colorados part, costing me more in car insurance and other costs by YOU not doing your job!

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  1. They send my husband a letter with a number to call. It states they are to busy to take calls try tomorrow. It has been over a week off calling everyday. He and I have more than 10 hours of trying every phone number on letter plus our local office. I am done.

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