I filed an E-1040 with TaxAct, forget to submit Form 8938. I have the 8938 form where do I send it?

Q) I filed an E-1040 with TaxAct. All the figures and computations were correct, so the IRS should have no trouble accepting the filed forms. I did, however, forget to submit Form 8938, which merely indicates how much money I have in a foreign bank. I have the 8938 form, so I just need to know where to send it and whether adding my social security number is sufficient to link it to my 1040 for 2015.

A) According to the IRS you should not send Form 8938 to the IRS unless it is attached to an annual return or an amended return. You will need to file an amendment to your tax return and add form 8938.https://taxoffices.org/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form

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